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Welcome to SheComputes


We are super excited to introduce SheComputes: A Theoretical Chemistry Women's Collective at NYU, which will serve as an empowering space for women-identifying theoretical physical chemists to engage in mentorship, community, and networking as we work towards gender equality. This event support the needs of our community, including guest speakers, professional development, social events, and more!

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Current and Upcoming Events - Spring Semester 2024

Faculty Panel Q&A:

Jutta Rogal (NYU), Norah Hoffmann (NYU), Sophie Beck (Flatiron Institute)

Tuesday May 14, 2024, Silver 120, 4pm

The Organizers


PhD Student

Department of Chemistry,

 New York University

Hoffmann Group

Jillian Hoffstadt


PhD Student

Department of Chemistry,

 New York University

Hocky Group

Fatemah Mukadum

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