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Welcome to the CCQ-NYU Light-Matter Seminar Series


This monthly seminar series focuses on various aspects of light-matter interaction, including polaritonics, quantum optics, material science, and quantum information science. Meetings are held in person, alternating between the Center for Computational Quantum Physics (CCQ) at the Flatiron Institute and the Simons Center for Computational Physical Chemistry at New York University. The series aims to strengthen and connect the light-matter community in and around NYC. These informal gatherings encourage speakers to share insights into their current projects, discuss open questions, and explore challenges. Lunch will be served after each seminar, providing an opportunity for networking and fostering connections within the NYC light-matter community.

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List of Speakers and Dates - Spring Semester 2024

Lukas Weber: DFG Postdoctoral Fellow, CCQ Flatiron Institute - @CCQ, Friday Feb 9th 2024, 11am, Flyer


Emily Davis: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, NYU -  @NYU, Friday March 15th 2024, 11am, Flyer


Leonardo dos Anjos Cunha: Postdoctoral Fellow, CCQ Flatiron Institute@CCQ, Friday April 5th, 11am, Flyer


Iren Simko: Simons Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, NYU - @NYU, Thursday May 9th, 11am, Flyer


Iman Ahmadabadi: Joint Quantum Institute & CCQ Flatiron Institute  - @CCQ, Friday June 7th, 11am, Flyer


Arkajit Mandal:  Postdoc, Department of Chemistry, Columbia University  - @NYU Thursday July 11th, 11am

The Organizers


Assistant Professor

Department of Physics,

City College of New York and Graduate Center of CUNY

Associate Research Scientist

Center for Computational Quantum Physics, Flatiron Institute

Johannes Flick


Norah Hoffmann

Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry and Physics, New York University

Simons Foundation Faculty Fellow, Simons Center for Computational Physical Chemistry

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